R-16 is a very important category of Rajexpress news portal. r-16 content the 16 category of news earth, environment, art, architecture, Design, education and career, culture and history, khana-khazana, travel and tourism, fashion and style, book review, beauty and fitness, relationship, life hacker, science and commerce, spiritual and meditation, health and nutrition, humanity.earth is content land related information, environment content climate change type information, art content the information of hand making things or other human talent, architecture content the building structure which structure is good, design content the design of home or decoration thing for house, education content the education related news like result, top schools, events of school, career gives you the capability of decision making in future, culture inform you world wide culture related news or events, history segment tells about the past information related of kings, places etc, khana-khazana segment about the food recipe, travel tells the good places of world.

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